Why should I use the bot

Why should I use the bot

The real question you should ask is not why but when. Small groups with minimal traffic do not attract any spammers. There’s simply not enough of people they could potentially scam or annoy, therefore they are not a target. Once your group reaches reasonable number of users, happily chatting about any topics you can be sure that both scammers and spammers will start joining and sending their fake accounts in. We’ve seen groups setting up special schedules for admins which was rather silly attempt to fight the attackers day and night. Other groups were using read-only mode for the night which made users create another group and move their discussions there. None of those measures worked. Even if you would have tens of admins who would be watching the group every minute of the day - you will not be as fast as the anti-spam bot.

There comes the LittleGuardian

LittleGuardian ( still active under the telegram-bot.app ) was first iteration of the bot, which we started developing in 2017. It went through ups and downs but allowed administrators to get rid of most of the invitation spam. Later new functionalities arrived like language recognition and images scanning. By the time we realised the bot was present on thousands of groups cleaning them from spam and spammers themselves. It was the greatest motivation to continue doing what we were doing and simply allowing the normal users of the group to stay in the conversation whilst punishing the spammers without mercy.

Best telegram bot 2022

After a year of really hard work, rebuilding whole infrastructure, preparing it for the incredible load and rewriting every line of code, the great reveal of what we hope to be the best telegram bot in 2022 arrived in April. Its flagship functions were modified and upgraded to meet even the highest demand and busiest of the groups. The networking stack left the whiteboard after a few months of development and the bot was ready to be deployed on the production server. Release of the latest version of the bot allowed us to verify the quality of the service and was greeted by users all around the world with great enthusiasm.

Since its release date we have implemented over 300 improvements and bugfixes, we have added long awaited ( and parked for the rewrite time ) new functions like for example captcha. Our porn photos and gifs filter also went through a complete change thanks to which we can check any picture or gif in time below one second. More features are still pending for their turn and will be added in short future after the intensive period of testing in our test ( and luckily infected by spammers ) groups. We aim to be the best telegram bot in the world and we are working hard to make it happen.

Bots are the present and future

Our bots can process tens of thousands of messages per second in thousands of groups. No human being is capable of such effort and accuracy. Since the April 2022 release the bots code goes through rigorous testing before it’s being put live, which allows us to catch any edge cases and 50/50 situations and write extra piece of code to prevent them damaging innocent users or not ignore the spam. Bots work 24/7, all year long and they don’t take day off, don’t meet the family and don’t ask for some rest. They don’t have bad mood and don’t have personal favourites. Even our team members if they appear in your group can be punished by the bot after breaking rules. There are no excuses and no exceptions.

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