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Why it's unbeatable? Because it's FREE! Yes - you read it right. If you want to use our bots - they are free, forever, with no limits. Well - almost everything is for free and you can pay only for things which also cost us to provide, but we will make sure that paid options are clearly marked.

Private bot prices
Private bot prices will be available soon.
Pricing for groups
Pricing period
For subscriptions we accept credit and debit cards, ApplePay, GooglePay. Read more
* Features request priority: Requests and ideas raised by you will be prioritised. We reserve right to refuse feature development if it's against our plans and vision. For example - we will not add any potentially spamming features to our bots.
Unused allowance does not transfer to the following month. There is no plan upgrades in place, you'll need to cancel the subscription, wait until it expires and create new one.
You can receive full refund if usage of premium features of your subscription has not exceeded 5%. It does not apply to the Ultimate subscription where cutoff limit is 1%.
After three months of subscription you will be presented with the suggestion and ability to upgrade or downgrade your plan, based on your actual usage. We will never upsell you the features you don't need and happy customer is our only goal.
All payments are processed by Stripe - the world leader in online payments. We do not store any of your payment details, we do not even want to for security reasons. We leave it to the professionals instead.
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