Free bot for schools and universities

We love education and we want to help schools and universities to secure their telegram groups. That’s why we are offering our bot for free to all educational institutions and student groups so everyone can feel safe when our bot takes care of filtering out the unwanted content and spam.

How to apply for the free bot

To apply for the free bot, please send an email to from your university or any educational institution e-mail address.


Educational institutions can be schools, universities, colleges, etc.
Their e-mail address should be in the format of, or similar.

In the email, please include the following information:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your university or educational institution name for example University of California
  • Telegram Group name you’d like to add the bot to (if you don’t have a group yet, you can create one and add the regular version of the bot to it)
  • Your Telegram username - it usually looks like @tozuo

After we receive your email, we will review your application and get back to you with the next steps but until then you can join the official Telegram Bot App support group on Telegram and ask any additional questions.

What’s next?

After your application is approved we will enable all the premium features for your group on the platinum subscription level. You can learn more about the applicable limits on the pricing page.

How long the bot stays free

The bot will stay in your group as long as it exists. If you decide to remove the bot from your group, you can always add it back within a week. We reserve the right to e-mail you once in a while to check if you still have an access to the e-mail address you’ve sent the application from.

I’m leaving university, can I keep the bot?

Unfortunately not. We are offering the bot for free to educational institutions only. If you are leaving university, you can always add the bot to your new group or you can purchase the bot for your personal use.

If you’re leaving the university but the group serves new students - you can always ask someone to take owner the ownership of the premium features by contacting us on the support group.

I don’t have e-mail from my university, can I still apply?

Unfortunately not. We are offering the bot for free to everyone within educational institutions. If you don’t have an e-mail account from your university, you can always purchase the bot for your personal use.

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