How does the anti spam work

How does the anti spam work

The anti-spam features of the bot are an advanced technological miracle. They are a mix of known user behaviours, divided into good and bad, with user profile details and plenty of other things like even time of the day or day of the week. It is fed regularly into our AI model to train it even better on potential threat recognition. We can - with a really high probability tell if someone is a spammer within a second after they join the group.

But how exactly does it happen?

Mostly, it’s based on user behaviour. For example, if someone joins a group and immediately starts posting links - that’s definitely a red flag. If someone changes their name and profile picture to something generic - that’s another one. If they start mass-mentioning other group members, we may have a spammer. There are dozens of actual factors we take into account, all of that observed since 2017 as actual spamming and attention-grabbing behaviours.

But it’s not only user behaviour analysis. Group admins also have certain responsibilities to make sure their groups are clean from spammers. For example, if a group is publicly accessible and doesn’t have strict entry rules - it’s more likely to get spammed. Also, if a group allows anyone to post links - that’s another sign that they may be in trouble soon. Another really important thing group admins really often forget about is buying the group members. During our bot development journey, we have purchased as a test tens of thousands of group members and we can say that 99% of the members you will receive are fake spam accounts which will sooner or later destroy your group. If you see people selling group members - beware!

Telegram’s official anti-spam features are pretty good. But, as anyone who’s ever been in a popular Telegram group knows, they’re not perfect. That’s where our bot comes in. Our bot fulfils the gaps which Telegram left, and works in perfect symbiosis with the application itself. It does not require any installation and it starts filtering as soon as it’s added to the group.

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