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Service providers are always looking for ways to improve their services and offer better value to their customers. One way to do this is by making publicly available statistics and information about their microservices. This allows everyone to see how well the service is performing, what problems it is having and what improvements have been made. It also helps to build trust and confidence in us as the service provider.

Our bots filters succeed in 0.00% of currently incoming
messages per second.
Current average message processing time is

Below you can find the list of microservices our bots currently use.

  • Every microservice have its own unique functionality and is connected with other microservice using the ultra-fast NATS queue system.
  • Every microservice runs in multiple copies. The fact you can see one microservice ( for example group-profile ) in the list, doesn’t mean its running in one copy. By default every microservice runs in at least two copies.
  • If the load of microservice ( for example - more messages, or more demanding messages like media ) increases above the threshold, our cluster will start another copy of the microservice to handle increased demand.
  • The success or failure ratio of the microservice is a sum of all the successful and failed requests to them divided by the total number of requests in last 30 seconds.
  • If something goes wrong with the microservice and requires our attention, you will see the color of the success ratio change consecutively between green, orange, red and black.
  • Any “red / black” failures trigger an alert on our side and we take care of them immediately.

If you are interested in how the bot works - visit our Learning Centre for more information or read the published articles on Medium.

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