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Telegram group management bot functions

As the best anti-spam and group management bot should - we always make sure that all the functions offered by the bot not only work but are also accurate. Our code is tested with all the possible scenarios when we try to find the cases when bot could be “not really right”. We take development of the bots seriously, and with the same attitude we treat our users who trusted us.

Setting allowed language

Group language - you can set the group language ( default is English ) to any of the available languages. If you’ll decide to only delete the offending messages - no punishment will be issued. After you’ll set the language bot notifications to the group will also be sent in the language you just picked. This is one of the most popular functions keeping infamous Persian and Chinese spammers away.

Silencing the bot

Silence the bot - the bot will not send out any notifications to the group except of the greeting and answers to commands. This function can be used if you don’t like the notifications sent out by bot.

Welcome new users with the bot

Greeting users - when new person joins the group they can be greeted with text of your choice, using their real name from their telegram profile. Whenever new user joins afterwards the previous welcome message is removed to keep your group nice and clean

Images / Voice messages or Gif remove

Removing content - you can decide that you don’t want gifs or music to be sent in your group. Bot will remove messages containing those, and other ones which you choose. In this case users will not be punished but their message will be removed.

Deleting invitations - bot tries to automatically detect link to your group, available later under link command. If it will detect any other link being sent to your group chat - it’ll remove it and punish the person sending. If no link was set either by the bot or panel and this option is on - all links to any telegram groups will be disallowed.

Ban words you don’t want

Delete badwords - you can specify any words you’d like the bot to look for in the messages ( and description of the media ) in your group. Bot will check the list of words and if it finds any of them in the message it will delete it and punish the person sending it. If no words were set either by the bot or panel and this option is on - no words will be checked.

Remove profanities and toxicity

Bot can detect profanities and toxicity in multiple languages, independently from the group language settings. It analyses the sentiment of the message, extracts profanities, threatening messages or insults which users can sometimes use in the discussion. It’s up to you as an administrator how would you like to use it but it works and allows you to keep the group members happy by effectively moderating the discussions.

Add captcha for new users

Captcha mode - new person joining the group will be immediately restricted and will need to click the button to confirm they’re human. Did you knew that bots can’t click the buttons? Now you do. Button can be clicked only by that specific person, no one else. After user confirms they’re human, he will be allowed to participate in discussion and the message with captcha link will be removed. You can also set up the captcha to give user time to resolve it. If user fails to do it - he will be kicked out from the group and captcha request will be removed.

Make group rules well known

You can set up the display of group rules after the user issues the command. If you don’t want to write everything down and keep it up to date with your anti-spam group settings - pick the automatically generated option, and the bot will generate the list of rules using your group settings.

Other features

  • Deleting join and leave messages - whenever new users join or old users leave your group, our bots will remove those little annoying messages to keep the chat clean and tidy.

  • Penalties log - you can view list of all the penalties issued by the bot together with the reason for them. You can then decide if you want to remove the penalty or leave as it is.

  • Admins audit - any administrator of the group can check the list of settings and time of their change. It’s for audit purposes and to make sure that admins can’t hide behind some functionalities.

  • Scanning images - the bot will use AI ( 94-95% accuracy ) to determine if images sent to the group are NSFW or fine. Depending on settings you picked you can also check if the new joiners have inappropriate profile pictures or scan gifs sent into the group.

  • Even more images scanning - bot will try to search for any text included in the images and apply your anti-spam settings on any results found. For example - you don’t want invite links to other groups to be sent into yours? Not a problem - bot will scan the images and if invitation link appears in them - it will be removed and the user will be punished.

  • Spam AI - every time someone joins the group bot will check the database for their previous behaviour in other groups the bot is on. If it’s a person who’s known for sending inappropriate messages, breaking the group rules or simply - being a spammer - they’ll be removed from the group before they’ll manage to send first message.

I think that one setting doesn’t work

If you think that one of the settings does not work as it should contact us on the official support group on Telegram. We will have a look at it as soon as we can and you’ll join the wonderful hall of fame for the bug hunters and enjoy additional benefits.

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