Telegram group management tips

Telegram Group Management tips

Everyone wants to make their group more popular, have more active users and look forward to growing either network of friends or their business.
We want to share things we have learned since 2017 to make your group more popular weekly and keep the users engaged.

Group administrators

The group administrator function is the most important one. When you start a new group, you are the only administrator there, but when the group grows - you will definitely need more help. The admin role can’t be underestimated as they are the main reason people stay in your group or leave ( and most likely take your users).

We’ve observed a steady decline in the group’s popularity and atmosphere when the wrong people were made administrators. It can happen when you give group management privileges to someone who’s power hungry and has no sense of responsibility. They tend to introduce toxicity to the group, punishing users only because they have not agreed with them or even because they dare to speak out about their questionable methods. Administrators should remain impartial, independent and not allied with any sides. Remember that, as in every group - there are little pockets of allies and enemies.

To avoid this kind of problem - clearly define the group rules. You can do it in your group settings section of the bot panel. Administrators should never create their own made-up rules or punish users because they disagree with their opinion. For every user poorly treated - there are at least a few other users who side with them and a few other users who are friends with the previous ones.

Our recommendation and summary

  • List topics or things you don’t want to see in your group. Examples can include political or religious debates, illicit images, music, etc., in the rules section available via /rules command.
  • Teach other admins that any discussion or argument with them from the user side is not a personal attack, and they should not restrict or even ban someone because they feel offended.
  • Teach admins that they are still the group users and should behave as such. Their admin rights are a privilege which should not be abused.
  • Don’t be afraid to remove someone from the administrator function but keep them as a user.
  • Remove old administrators who were not seen active in your group for ages.

User engagement

Really often, groups experience organic growth and popularity. You can usually observe it on the weekly and monthly graphs of messages in your group panel. Users engage with each other naturally, and discussions simply flow without any intervention from the group owners or administrators. Sometimes, the discussions die, and the group becomes silent. How do you deal with it and ensure that people are still interested in your group? That will require a bit of an intervention from your side, but it’s not impossible. Create discussion topics - either daily or weekly, so anyone can have their say without fearing being judged. Once again - in this case, admins should avoid the moderation and censorship of someone’s views just because they disagree with what they say.

Our recommendation and summary

  • Make your users feel welcome to the group - use the welcome message function of the bot
  • Make your group enjoyable to users
  • Give your users a voice and make them feel like they can speak out
  • Limit the languages which could be used in the group

Telegram Group Promotion

This is the most challenging part of your job as a group administrator. You may be tempted to purchase the group members - but that leads to spammers infesting your group faster than you think. You can check the Telegram Group Promotion scam section of the documentation. The most natural way is to ask members to add or invite their friends into your group if they like it. You can try to organise raffles or giveaways for users who brought the most members in a week or month. You can fill up the group link section of the bot settings panel and enable /link command which will produce link to your group whenever anyone wants to add their friends.

Our recommendation and summary

  • Ask users to invite their friends to your group
  • Never buy telegram group members
  • Use the group link function of the bot

Automatic discussion moderation

We can help you ensure that your group’s atmosphere is great and all the conflicts are resolved as soon as they appear.
Our bots have another unique feature which is message sentiment analysis. It’s possible to detect the sentiment of the message, and if it’s negative - it will be deleted. You have multiple options to choose from ( they are available in **group settings / badwords ** section of your group management panel )

  • Delete messages with profanities/swears
    This option will remove messages with swear words in multiple languages.
  • Delete threatening messages
    This option will remove messages with threats. They may not have any swear words but can make feel the recipient of such a message uneasy.
  • Delete insulting messages
    This option deals with insulting messages - they may not contain swears. Still, they’re not friendly to the person receiving them.

With the options above, you can ensure that potential conflicts and fights within the groups will stop before they even truly started, saving other users from either need to pick the side or reading through messages with insults and threats.

Keeping group spam free

Let’s say you have nailed the previous paragraphs - you have a wonderful set of administrators, fantastic users, and discussions flowing perfectly day and night. There’s one danger you need to be ready for - those are spammers who also work day and night on either promoting scams or simply trolling groups and trying to get them closed.

Are you familiar with the term porn bomb? It is happening more and more frequently, but the operation from the spammers’ side looks the same. They wait for either hectic time in the group or completely silent hours when everyone is asleep and send dozens of adult images into the group. Then they either leave them there or report them from different accounts to Telegram support. After a few reports, you, as a group administrator, will receive a first warning asking you to clean up the group. After a second warning, Telegram will most likely delete your group, and months and even years of your hard work on growing the community will be lost. To prevent this type of malicious attack, you can use our NSFW and adult telegram bot filter function, which will help remove such content faster than it can be even reported and, of course, punishing the accounts which send it.

Our recommendation and summary

  • Use the NSFW and adult telegram bot filter function
  • Use the SPAM AI to prevent known spammers from entering your group
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