Commands in group

Bot commands in groups

Our anti-spam bot can communicate with you as well. Bot have set of publicly available commands which can be used by anyone in the group and should always provide the expected response. There’s a really limited number of commands available because we strongly believe that our beautiful group management panel allows everyone to manage their bots much easier than by learning hundreds of commands ( like other bots have ). In our case it’s simple - go to group settings and press the button. We plan to add reading your mind whenever this technology is available. Stay tuned!

What commands are currently available

Currently bot responds to following commands

  • Command /start - displays hello information from the bot. Allows you to verify that bot is working and you can start using it.

  • Command /settings - is a leftover from the previous six iterations of the bot. It currently redirects you to the website.

  • Command /rules - displays group rules. It’s a good idea to read them before you start posting anything. If rules are not set bot will display appropriate information.

  • Command /lastseen used as a response to other user message will display last time the user was seen by the bot in any groups across the telegram. It does not accept user name or any additional details because we want the user to know that someone is checking on him.

  • Command /link - displays link to the group. It’s a good idea to share this link with your friends and family. Link is automatically discovered by the bot or can be overwritten by the group administrator in group settings.

  • Command /login - Is temporarily disabled as the official Login with Telegram works amazingly well.

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