Telegram bot bad words

Telegram Bot Bad Words setup

What are the bad words?

Bad words are words or phrases that are considered inappropriate, offensive or unwanted. They can be used in a sentence to insult someone, express a negative opinion or for example advertise the competition. They can also be used to express a negative opinion about a person or a group of people.

Examples of bad words

Let’s take a look at some example of the bad words application.

You have a business selling shoes under the brand RARK and you don’t want your customers to talk about your competitors - VXYZ and ASDF. You can add the vxyz and asdf words to the list of bad words and the bot will automatically delete any message containing those words. Using this method you will prevent your group users from using those words in conversation and you will also prevent your competitors from advertising their products in your group.

Unfortunately it also means that if user wants to praise your products being better than one of the brands you’ve added to the list of bad words, they will have to use a different word to express their opinion, otherwise their message will be deleted.

Using swears as bad words

There’s no need to add swears as bad words to the list. Our bot AI is trained in multiple languages, being able to detect messages which contain insulting and threatening messages together with those containing profanities. It’s a premium feature, so if you want to use it, you need to upgrade your bot to one of the premium plans.

When feature is enabled bot will automatically delete messages containing profanities, detect insults ( even if they’re not swears ) or messages containing threats. All of it in multiple, most popular languages.

Bad words limitations

Bad words minimum length is 4 characters. This is to prevent the bot from deleting messages containing common words like the, and, but etc. if set up accidentally.

Depending on your plan you can set up from 3 bad words to unlimited. You can search for more information on the pricing page.

Example of bad words list

Here’s a simple example of a bad words list which could help you understand how it works. Following list contains five unwanted words which target the popular scams and phishing attempts on telegram groups.

online investment
make profit now
commission fee
extra income
profitable and genuine
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