Are the telegram bots safe

Are the telegram bots safe

It really depends on who developed them and for what purpose. We’ve heard about telegram bots trying to intercept messages from the groups and people owning them reading through the messages or even selling information about the users. Luckily for you - we are in the business of security and believe in freedom of expression. The sole purpose of our bot is to fight with spammers and make your life as a group administrator or owner easier by providing the service which operates 24/7.

Do you store message data?

Things which we store temporarily are messages sent within the groups. They are stored for up to 24 hours for analytical purposes - that’s how the artificial intelligence of our bot learns how to recognise spam. We do not intend to store them for more than this period because it’s not only slowing the database down but is also really expensive with this amount of traffic. Only messages which are stored indefinitely are those which were punished - you can see them in the administrator panel of your group under the “penalties” section. They are used for calculations of the account being the spammer probability as well and of course - teaching the bot how to recognise unwanted messages.

Do you store user data?

We temporarily cache user profile details. We scan profile pictures for the presence of any adult materials. We also check the profile description for any invitation links which could be considered harmful. Thanks to this, you as administrator can have a full overview of users joining your group together with basic information about them calculated from their profile. It’s the same information you would see if you’d tap on their profile name and check the details in the Telegram Application.

Do you contact users?

No, and we will never approach you first. We dislike spamming so much that if you have a problem with our bot you need to come to us. The safest way to do it is to visit the support group using the “contact” link at the bottom of this page. Anyone else who approaches you as our staff member is a scammer and you should be careful with any conversation.

How do I find out if the bot is safe?

When the bot joins your group either by your invitation or one of the users bringing it in, check the list of the group users in the Telegram application. Bots which you do not recognise and have “has access to messages” could be potentially dangerous. Our bot has access to the messages because it needs to filter them, but for example, the bot which was added to search for gifs does not need such access. You need to use common sense to make a judgement. Our advice is - if something feels odd - it most likely is.

Can I use bot on my group?


We operate under strict “Not my circus, not my monkeys” policy.

Of course you can! We strongly believe internet should be a place for everyone to express themselves and it’s only a matter of deciding if you’d like to see certain content or not - it is your choice. Otherwise - wherever you are from the political left or right, you want to praise or condemn your government or you want to run legitimate business group or not - you can use our bot. We are not here to tell you off or prohibit you from using our service as it is. We are here to help you and to make your life easier and spam free. If you have any further questions, please visit the support group.

The only groups and content which bot will actively fight against is distribution of CSAM.

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