Your bot features
Main objective for this bot creation was the speed. We keep the average processing time for the messages on 90 milliseconds level, fighting every day to improve it even more.
Are you tired of bots which never work? Our infrastructure is reliable and kept in multiple parts of the world. We even make our availability statistics public.
Because of the way bot has been designed, it's split into microservices, regular backups, firewalls, advanced access control and monitoring - your data is safe.
Captcha protection
New members of your group need to confirm they are humans before being allowed to send messages. Simple and effective way to prevent bots from sending spam.
Greeting users
Greeting new joiners and showing them rules and keeping the group clean. Sending out welcome messages with content you've specified but also deleting previous one, just to keep it tidy.
Voice transcription
Transcribe voice messages sent by users into text messages. No need for headphones or to wake up anyone in the middle of night anymore.
Antivirus scanning
Powerful antivirus scanners checking files and links posted on your groups. Utilise power of over 50 antivirus scanners being ready for every message.
Spam fighting
Advanced spam filters to make sure your users are not distracted or put in danger. We've seen millions of messages over last three years and our bots know how to find the bad ones.
Filter 🔞 content
Protect your users and business opinion from all the adult-rated content. Pick specific type of content and messages you want to prohibit with one click and leave the rest to your bot.
Profanity filtering
The easiest way to de-escalate conflicts between users is to stop them from fighting. Bot will silently delete messages which contain swear words without punishing your users.
Audit log
Have an instant and advanced overview of group settings changes by any of the admins. See detailed log of the penalties issued by bot.
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