We use Log in with Telegram to provide the authentication to our service. You can read more about it on official Telegram Blog.
This means that you don’t need to create an account or a password and you can log in with just one click as long as you have an access to your Telegram account.


Please make sure that you have enabled third party cookies on your browser.
Before logging in you should follow how to use Telegram Bot guide, otherwise bot will NOT recognise you.

Why do we use Log in with Telegram?

It’s easy, fast and secure. Most of the authentication happens on Telegram servers, so we don’t have access to your password or any other sensitive information. You can read more about it on official Telegram Blog.

Why do I need to add bot to my group first?

Whenever bot joins the group it scans the admins list and saves the list of admins in the database. This is the only way for bot to recognise you as an admin of the group. When you log in to the bot management panel, bot will check if you are an admin of the group and if you are, it will give you access to all the groups you are an admin on.

If you won’t add the bot to your group, bot will not recognise you as an admin and you won’t be able to figure out if you’re an admin or not, and for safety reasons - it will refuse to let you in.

How to enable third party cookies?

Most of the browsers should have them enabled, but if you are using some privacy focused browser, you might need to enable them manually. Here are some guides on how to do it:

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