1. Add telegram-bot.app bot or LittleGuardian bot to your group and make it administrator with full rights
  2. Send any message to the group ( can be the smiley face ) so bot detects you as present and your status level.
  3. Log in to the and your group should appear on the left side. Now you can manage it.
  4. If you still can't see your group on the list - log out and log back in again to refresh the cache.
  5. For more information check our Knowledge base
Things to remember
  • You can have multiple groups managed by the bot. There's no limit.
  • Groups you are not administrator of are marked with black colour. You can't make changes there but you can view the settings.
  • Groups you haven't been active on for a while are greyed out and not possible to view.
  • Bot trusts administrators of the group and their messages are not checked.
  • Using bot in test groups does not make much sense if you're an administrator.
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