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Are you a group administrator on Telegram? Tired of dealing with spam, invites, and moderating discussions all day and night? Look no further! Our Telegram bot is here to help. Our bot filters out spam, invites, and can even analyse language to help you moderate discussions quickly and efficiently. Don't let spammers take over your group - get our Telegram bot today!

Antivirus scanning

When it comes to keeping your online groups safe, Antivirus Scanning is the best solution. With over 50 antivirus scanners at work, no message or file will slip through the cracks. Whether it's a malicious link or an infected attachment, our powerful scanning software will detect it and keep your group safe. So you can rest easy knowing that your groups are in good hands

Spam fighting

We all know the feeling- you're minding your own business, scrolling through your feed when suddenly, a spam message pops up out of nowhere. It's annoying, it's distracting, and it can even be dangerous if you click on the wrong thing. That's where our spam fighting service comes in. We use advanced spam filters to make sure that your users are never bothered by these messages again. We've seen millions of messages since 2017, and our bots know how to find the bad ones. So you can rest assured that your users are safe from spam, and you can go back to enjoying your feed without distractions.

Filter adult content

Is your business chat or group suffering from rogue users sending inappropriate content? Filter adult content and protect your users and business with our easy-to-use solution. With our AI-powered analysis, you can be sure that all violators will be punished. Whether it's user profile pictures, photos in messages, gifs, or even stickers sent in your telegram group, our software will keep your site or app clean and safe for all to enjoy. So don't wait any longer, try filtering adult content today!

Profanity filtering

Are you tired of all the fighting and arguing on your chat platform? Well, there's a solution to help de-escalate those conflicts! Introducing Profanity Filtering - the best way to keep the peace on your chat platform. This bot will automatically delete any messages containing swear words, without punishing your users. So go ahead and give it a try - your users will thank you for it!

Captcha protection

Introducing Captcha Protection for your Telegram group - now you can be sure that only real humans are messaging your group! Captcha Protection is a simple and effective way to stop automated accounts or bots from spamming your group. New members of your group will need to confirm they are human before being allowed to send messages. This will keep your group safe and spam-free.
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